A Mother’s Choice

This week our Featured Story is about Maya, an Aurora resident living with diabetes.  Maya recently had to choose between insuring herself or insuring her children.  She did the math, and to be able to afford her insulin, made the tough decision to purchase health insurance for herself and leave her kids uncovered.  She explained, “Since I have diabetes I couldn’t afford to cover my own kids on my insurance policy with me.”  What would you have done in Maya’s situation?

Maya is not alone in this struggle, according to the recently released Colorado Health Access Survey (CHAS), 85% of those uninsured in Colorado claim to be so because insurance costs too much.  Over 1.5 million Coloradans are currently uninsured or underinsured.  That is over 1 in 3 Coloradans with significant barriers to accessing their basic health care needs.  You should be able to count on insurance that covers you when you get sick.

Fortunately Maya was able to navigate the health care system successfully and get her children insured through CHP+.  The Colorado Health Institute estimates that 78,000 of the 112,000 uninsured children in Colorado are eligible for, but not enrolled, in Medicaid or CHP+.  Interested in learning more about kids coverage and who qualifies for Medicaid and CHP+?  You might be surprised that a family of four with an income up to $55,000 a year may be able to get their kids covered.

Check out All Kids Covered, a non-partisan coalition dedicated to giving every child in Colorado access to affordable health coverage and quality care to get more involved!

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