The Immigrant Women’s Health Stories Project

Here at Colorado HealthStory we’ve been making an effort every Friday on our Facebook page and Twitter to recognize other story-collecting projects.  This week we highlighted The Immigrant Women’s Health Stories Project from the Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning. This project really resonated with us because we’ve just begun collecting stories in the Denver metro area.  Check out these ten amazing stories that cover navigating the health care system, access to health care, mental health, cancer, and more.  We know that Denver residents are not alone in their struggles, and have seem many of these same issues across the state.

Taken from The Immigrant Women’s Health Stories Project:

“These ten stories from immigrant women in the metro Denver area illustrate a number of the health struggles facing Colorado’s increasingly diverse population… As Coloradans continue to work together to improve access to quality health care, these stories are instructive for understanding the current weaknesses in today’s health system and identifying new opportunities for improvement.”

Decisions about our health care are too important to be left solely to others.  We can help make your voice heard along with other Coloradans.  Getting the care you need, when you need it, isn’t too much to ask.  Let’s work together and use lessons from stories like these to move Colorado closer this common-sense goal.

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    We are a family health team with a roster of 4500 patients in Markham, Ontario Canada. Part of our academic teaching to our resident physicians focuses on Global Health. This month we are concentrating on better ways of providing cultural competent care and what that looks like. What we as providers can do to be more understanding of immigrants and their potential struggles of navigating our Canadian Health Care system. The Immigrant Womens stories is something we would love to write from our patients point of view and hope they may be interested in taking part. Thanks for taking the lead. If you can offer any suggestions for us to get started we would most definitely appreciate it.

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