Dr. Mark

Dr. Mark Earnest – Denver, CO

Dr. Mark Earnest is a Professor in the Division of General Medicine for the University of Colorado and the Co-Founder and Director of the LEADS Program. He is also a Denver resident, and tells the story of a patient who sought treatment for kidney disease and her struggle to afford the necessary care. He wants to share her story to show how the medical system could be different, in a way that overcomes people’s fear about change.

“Isn’t it enough that somebody has lost their kidneys and now has to be on dialysis? Do we have to completely ruin them before we provide care?”

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  1. Aline Gubrium
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    This story should be broadcast all over the place during the Republican primaries.

    • Colorado HealthStory
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      Thanks for commenting Aline! We’re glad you agree that sharing stories is important for moving the conversation forward.

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