Aleece and Carol

Aleece and Carol – Denver, CO

Aleece and her mother Carol own and run The Garden, a restaurant in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, committed to providing healthy, local, affordable and sustainable foods. After a difficult and devastating family battle with cancer, Aleece went to natural chef school and now prepares a menu that has plenty of options for folks with restricted diets including vegan, gluten-free and raw choices. Aleece and her mother Carol believe that people must take personal responsibility for their own health, starting with the food they put in their bodies.

“One month after she got the terminal diagnosis was when my lightbulb went on and I saw a big bullseye on my forehead. I was like, you better do whatever you can do to minimize your risk of cancer. You better educate yourself, inform yourself of what’s going on, and take some responsibility for your own life.”

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    Hello again, Aleece –

    I’m so glad I made the time to listen to this great interview with you and your mom, Carol. Great job! I too have been closely touched by cancer many times in our family. Since it is now officially an epidemic, that assures that sadly, we are not alone with this claim…

    Kudos for knowing how important the New S.O.U.L. food is to setting ourselves up to prevent disease including many cancers. As I’ve shared, I’m currently preparing an article to publish soon about Alternative Cancer Treatments to Current Conventional Protocol (working title – open for suggestions!). As your mom indicated with her own experience, “they” don’t share that there are other less ravaging treatments for cancer patients even those they give up on and classify as “terminal”. I’m not an expert – can’t diagnose or even enthusiastically “steer” anyone but I sure can share the best of my research findings to hopefully assist them in their own discovery process. OK – I’m rambling – will save the rest for the article and more comprehensive book on this important topic.

    Thanks for all you do – I look forward to meeting, chatting with and collaborating with you in the near future.

    To our health,


    PS–My blog at http://www.naturalwellness101.blogspot is currently on hold while I roll out my first few books so gave my more active link to Facebook page above…. Hope that that’s OK… 😉

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