Sharon – Denver, CO

Sharon shares her story about her family pediatrician and subsequent health care providers. She talks about looking for the same positive qualities in her current physician that kept her family with their pediatrician for over 18 years. It is Sharon’s hope that in the future all children and adults will be as happy with their provider, and that everyone will have a stable medical home.

“I’m hoping that at some point this country will get to that, where we can get the care we need when we need it.”

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    The United States remains the only industrialized country that doesn’t have universal healthcare.

    I look forward to the day when health insurance is truly available to everyone…

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    For those of us involved in healthcare policy world, we hear a lot about the importance of a “medical home” and “patient-centered care” as elements necessary for reform. But Sharon’s testimony shows what these terms REALLY mean: caring, personal connection, and continuity.

  3. Nancy Gilbert
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    Thank you Sharon for sharing your story. Health care is a right, not a priviledge.

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