Mariana – Aurora, CO

Mariana is an Aurora resident who recently had her second child. She battled with post-partum depression after her pregnancy. She speaks about her challenges and calls upon all of us to embrace mental health as a critical healthcare issue.

” We need to acknowledge how big of an issue, how big of a problem mental illness is in our community.  And it doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, what language you speak.  It is something that affects everybody. “

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    Thank you so much Mariana for sharing your story! I too struggled with postpartum depression. I understand the struggles of guilt and frustration with the stigma associated with mental illness. With brave women like you who are willing to share their stories, hopefully, there will be more women who reach out for help and support.

    Thank you for your courage,

    A Mother’s Wings

  2. Mariana
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    Thank you for your post and for your kind words. Let’s hope the conversations about depression and mental illness in general continue and more and more people will feel comfortable talking about it and getting the help they need.

    Best regards,


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