Nigel – Colorado Springs, CO

Nigel speaks about a clinic in El Paso county that went beyond normal expectations to provide considerate and quality care for his brother, a large man who struggled with receiving care due to fear of judgment and unaccommodating providers.

“The respect and compassion that the clinic showed a huge man, I mean he was a mountain of a man.  He barely fit through doors; you know he barely fit in cars.  But the clinic accommodated all of that.  I will never forget what they did.”

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  1. Lana Crichton
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    Thank you for sharing this personal story, Nigel. I’m so grateful that the caregivers involved extended “the healing ministry of Christ” to you and your brother, and that he knew that kind of acceptance before he died.

    It is clear that not all people, even caregivers, show compassion to the obese in our society, which is probably why your brother became ‘anti-physician.’ I, too, have experienced discrimination for my size, and honestly, it is a painful thing with which to live. I applaud you for your advance efforts to make his experience dignified, and I applaud the caregivers for honoring your brother as a patient and a person, not a diagnosis.

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