Aurora Community Forum

Last night Colorado HealthStory was proud to host its first community forum in Aurora.  We would like to thank all who attended, especially with such terrible weather!  We appreciate everyone coming out and spending their evening with us discussing personal health stories, as well as solutions and initiatives to address health issues in Aurora. 

During the forum we played three stories from our Aurora collection; Tesfahunega, Mariana, and Manley.  Afterwards we discussed that the problems in these stories are not specific to a single community in Colorado.  Rather, these issues can be found across the state and even nationwide.  Yet, the reality of health care access and solutions to address those issues are unique to Aurora. 

Although it may be difficult and slightly overwhelming to take in the information from these stories, we had a positive conversation about possible solutions.  One participant said that it was important for every Aurora resident to take responsibility for his or her own health.  With small steps like this, we could eventually reach a loftier goal of making Aurora the healthiest city in Colorado.  We admire each of our participants for their individual insight into our current health state . 

Thanks again to the storytellers for their willingness to share personal health stories with us.  They serve as both personal histories, as well as treasures of the local community.  We also appreciate the community activists, city officials and community-based organizations that came out last night and participated in the important conversations about health.  We know getting everyday Coloradans involved in the conversation about health is critical, because those decisions are too important and too personal to be made only by someone else. 

We look forward to continuing the conversation at our Summit County Forum in the Fremont Room of the Senior and Community Center at 151 Peak One Rd., Frisco, CO !  (Check out our events calendar for all future forums)

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