About Us

Colorado HealthStory is a project of Center for Health Progress. We believe that far too few conversations about health and the health care system are being grounded in the experiences of everyday Coloradans. We know it can be hard to talk about health, but we believe everyone has a story to tell. Sharing stories is the most powerful, effective form of communication people have – and when you bring together the stories of a community, it can spark a really powerful discussion.

Colorado HealthStory is collecting and sharing the health stories of all Coloradans. Our hope is that when people listen to their neighbor’s story – and share their own – it will bring communities together, and spark a new, meaningful conversation about the state of health and health care in Colorado.

Colorado HealthStory creates safe spaces to collect and amplify every Coloradan’s voice so that conversations about health can be informed by people’s experiences.

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How it Works

Colorado HealthStory is audio recording first hand experiences of patients, families, and healthcare providers throughout Colorado. Edited stories are available on our website, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed.

When a number of stories have been collected and edited in a community, Colorado HealthStory will host or participate in local community forums or meetings. At these activities, attendees will be able to listen to stories, speak about first hand experiences and have a meaningful conversation about health in their community.  We also encourage those who are interested to use the resources we’ve put together to host their own community events.

As a part of the Colorado community, would you like to join the conversation?