Colorado HealthStory works hard to find ways for communities and individuals to put people back into conversations about health in our state. We believe there is no better way to inform decision making and public discourse than through storytelling and story sharing.

Since early 2011, we’ve been traveling around the state collecting stories from everyday Coloradans.  Along the way, we’ve compiled and developed a number of resources to help community members and organizations incorporate these stories into their conversations and work. Explore the following resources to find out more.

Facilitation Guide

Whether you have 15 minutes or 2 hours, our Facilitation Guide (PDF) provides techniques for organizations to adapt and use while playing our stories and guiding their participants through a new conversation about health.


To make our stories more accessible to organizations interested in convening topic-specific health discussions, we’ve created a series of toolkits. In each, you’ll find a PowerPoint Presentation and a Fact Sheet. Each PowerPoint contains at least four stories and a series of slides highlighting key data that complements the stories. We recommend listening to each story and utilizing one or two that fit your setting the best. Feel free to rearrange, delete, or add slides to make the best presentation for your audience. The Fact Sheet is a handout intended to supplement the stories. It includes key state-level data, highlights a few stories, and provides information on how to continue staying involved with Colorado HealthStory.

Before using the toolkits, don’t forget to reference the Facilitation Guide (PDF). This document provides an example of how you might structure your conversation. It includes a sample agenda, discussion questions, and follow-up calls to action. Check back for more toolkits soon!

  • Access to Health Toolkit
  • Navigating the Health Care System Toolkit

Community Profiles

We record stories from around the state, including in target communities in which we are convening forums and publishing community profiles that highlight the main themes from the stories gathered there. Each profile includes several stories and local health data pertaining to those themes. Download and read any of the following profiles to learn more about a specific community:

Visit our Communities Page  to learn about the communities we’ve visited so far and the ones ahead. To learn about bringing Colorado HealthStory to your community, please contact us.



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