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Sandra – Adams County, CO

Sandra_SquareSandra, of Adams County, shares her health story. A few years ago she lost her job, suffered from physical health ailments, and needed some assistance. Her primary health care provider connected her with a behavioral health specialist who helped her through those stressful times.

“The stress of all of it, about finding a job, finding health care, it all builds on you… When I went to the clinic to get the physical health care taken care of, I was afforded the opportunity for some mental health care.”

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Sarah – Colorado Springs, CO

Sarah - Colorado Springs, COSarah, a behavioral health provider in Colorado Springs, describes integrated care in her geriatric clinic. At their clinic, they have worked to tweak the “co-visit” to help both patients and their families.

“Her family [wasn’t] understanding how she was experiencing the world. And the provider and I were able to say medication isn’t going to do anything. And that united front really helped that family to understand.”

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Michael – El Paso County

Michael, a resident of El Paso county, speaks about seeking and receiving treatment for his escalating poor mental health condition.

“The majority of the time you don’t want to ask for help, you don’t want them to know what’s going on.  You’re scared to ask for help.  But that’s the first step; you have to ask for help.”

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Dr. Carl

Dr. Carl Clark – Denver, CO

Dr. Carl Clark, a mental health provider in Denver, describes his father’s struggle with bi-polar disorder.  He tells his father’s story of diagnosis and recovery and its impact on his personal career choice.

“I didn’t know my dad had a mental illness.  I thought all dads were full of abundant energy and this hopping in the car and taking spontaneous vacations.  I thought that’s just what dads did.”

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John and Gerry

John and Gerry – Rocky Ford, CO

John and Gerry, father-son residents of Rocky Ford, CO, share their family’s struggles with mental health.  They speak about trust issues with providers and the importance of first impressions and second chances with mental health patients.

“When you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor you don’t want to tell them.  It could be something critical and you’re afraid to even talk to them because you think you’re going to get judged.”

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