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Interested in recording your story?

It’s easy. Find out when the HealthStory team will be in a community near you, then sign up with a friend or loved one to tell your story or hear theirs. When you arrive at the recording site, the HealthStory staff will explain the process, make you feel comfortable, and sit with you during your session.

What to expect at your recording session

  • Your session should take no more than 30-45min. Feel free to bring an item related to your story like a photograph, document or family memento.
  • You will be asked to review and sign a consent and release form.
  • Before you arrive spend some time thinking about what you would like to share. Feel free to bring notes. We have a list of questions that may help you tell your story. Here’s a sample:
    • Can you tell me about an experience you’ve had with your health – good or bad, encouraging or scary – that left an impression on you?
    • Who has been your most memorable health care provider/patient?
    • How have you tried to stay healthy? Have there been people, organizations, or things in your community that have made it easier for you to stay healthy?
    • What makes for a good experience when you need healthcare?
    • If you could make one change to help people live healthier or get the healthcare they need, what would you change?
  • At the end of the recording session you will be asked to fill out a feedback survey and questionnaire.
  • Some stories, but not all, are edited for length and posted on the Colorado HealthStory website. You are welcome to opt out of this if you choose. If it is posted, it will share only your first name and a photograph.

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Tell Your Story