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Sandra – Adams County, CO

Sandra_SquareSandra, of Adams County, shares her health story. A few years ago she lost her job, suffered from physical health ailments, and needed some assistance. Her primary health care provider connected her with a behavioral health specialist who helped her through those stressful times.

“The stress of all of it, about finding a job, finding health care, it all builds on you… When I went to the clinic to get the physical health care taken care of, I was afforded the opportunity for some mental health care.”


Jennifer – Westminster, CO

Jennifer - Westminster, CO

Jennifer, of Westminster, shares her health story. After a car accident, Jennifer struggled with migraines, back pain, depression and anxiety. She describes the difficulties not being able to care for  her family and the impact integrated care had on her recovery.

“It was very very depressing for me to go from being very active to being … just … bedridden. It was debilitating.”

Scott and Diane

Scott and Diane – Thorton, CO

Scott and Diane are married and have two teenage girls. Their private small company employers recently decided to stop offering health insurance options to employees. Suddenly faced with new health issues, the couple has experienced great difficulty locating an affordable health insurance option that would give Scott access to the prescription he needs.

“We were finally able to get insurance for our two children but for our entire family the health care that we’ve been aware of pretty much would be the difference of whether or not we pay for our mortgage or our health insurance.”



This Aurora resident shares her experience about getting care at a local community health clinic after becoming pregnant at the age of 35.

“I was already … 35, and I had been divorced for a few years, dating a guy for only six months, and on the pill and I become pregnant.  My boss let me go … So here I am on unemployment, pregnant, single, no health insurance.”


Cerise – Denver, CO

Cerise, a Denver resident tells the story about mother’s positive experience within the health care system.  She praises the local clinic her mother attends for their culturally proficient service and was impressed by the promotion of health equality within Colorado.

“And I was utterly amazed at the level and quality of care that she has received.  Her provider has taken the time to really understand and hear her story… She feels empowered as a consumer not feeling that she is bound to a system and has to bow down to their needs, but really treated like an individual who deserves adequate health care. “