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Sandie – Ft. Collins, CO

Sandie - Fort Collins, CO

Sandie, of Fort Collins, shares her personal transformation story. After years of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits, Sandie was able to lose more than 50 lbs and get off both her cholesterol and blood pressure medication. With her employer’s support, a weight counselor, friends and family, and a trainer, Sandie is supported on her journey to wellness.

“It took me several years to decide that I wanted to really do something about my weight… I found the quick fix wasn’t ideal for me.”


Clint – Fort Collins, CO

Clint - Fort Collins, CO

Clint, a City of Fort Collins employee, shares his journey to a healthier lifestyle after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol in his twenties.

“Because, with me, you couldn’t have forced me to do it until I was ready…and for me it was really being scared.  It was like, I can’t believe in my 20s, I’m on blood pressure medication, and they’re saying stroke and heart attack in my 30s.  It scared me.”


Karen – Fort Collins, CO

Karen - Fort Collins, CO

Karen, a public health nurse in Larimer County, does home visits for new moms and babies on Medicaid.  She recalls the story of how she helped a family recover after the loss of their baby.

“I struggled with why this outcome was the way it was, if I felt like I got there in time, but I think I saved this family a lot of grief with child protection.  If this baby would have died at home, I think they would not have been able to forgive themselves; that there was something they had done.”


Kiri – Fort Collins, CO

Kiri tells her story of being diagnosed with breast cancer and her choice to use alternative treatment options. She illustrates the importance of being an engaged patient.

“In 2010, I felt a lump in my breast, the same story many women have. Then you get swept into a process that very quickly did not feel like my path, and I just had to pull back the reigns and say, ‘hey, wait a minute, I’m going to do this the way I feel right about doing this.’”


Colton – Fort Collins, CO

Colton shares his and his father’s health story of chronic Lyme disease and holistic approaches to health. Both he and his father struggled to get their insurance company to pay for alternative treatment methods. His experience has led him to pursue a career path in medicine.

“This experience for me has … inspired me to go into medicine. I want to get to a place where I can be treating people … who went to every doctor in the world and no one could tell them anything.”


Dr. Larry

Larry – Fort Collins, CO

Dr. Larry Kieft, an OB/GYN in Fort Collins, shares a story about learning how to handle adverse birth outcomes. He explains how forming a strong doctor-patient relationship can be done even in tragic circumstances, and these relationships can help both the doctor and the patient heal and move forward together.

“… out of that experience came a relationship, doctor-patient, that was very unique. A friendship that was very unique, and that’s not always based on excellent outcomes.”