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Sarah – Colorado Springs, CO

Sarah - Colorado Springs, COSarah, a behavioral health provider in Colorado Springs, describes integrated care in her geriatric clinic. At their clinic, they have worked to tweak the “co-visit” to help both patients and their families.

“Her family [wasn’t] understanding how she was experiencing the world. And the provider and I were able to say medication isn’t going to do anything. And that united front really helped that family to understand.”


Deb – Colorado Springs, CO

DebCS_SquareDeb, of El Paso County, spent years experiencing pain. She worked unsuccessfully with medical staff who were unable to discover the root of her illness. And as she experienced, they failed to take the right measures to support her.

“There was another clinic that I went to that they would literally give you 15 minutes and you could only talk about one symptom or one thing that was wrong that day.  You couldn’t say, “I have a migraine and I have back muscle spasms.”  You would have to make another appointment and they would literally cut you off at 15 minutes.”


Sarah – Colorado Springs, CO

Sarah - Colorado SpringsSarah, a registered nurse in Colorado Springs, shares her story of giving birth to her first child. She experienced unfortunate and unpredictable circumstances during and after her medically induced delivery.

“The moment we got home, my husband called 9-1-1 because I was having seizures.”



Chris – Colorado Springs, CO

Chris - Colorado Springs, CO

Chris is a Vietnam veteran with multiple serious health conditions including hearing loss.  He moved to Colorado Springs and immediately found himself needing medical assistance. He shares his experience navigating various health care settings in order to become healthy and work again.

“When I came to Colorado I had had a stroke, quad bypass, and I had lost my hearing and I had lost my job because of all of it, so I was in pretty bad shape.”


Michelle – Colorado Springs, CO

Michelle - Colorado Springs, CO

Michelle is a Physician Assistant at a clinic in Colorado Springs who discusses her commitment to “whole person” care. She shares a particular story about treating a woman from this holistic perspective, the impact it had on her patient’s life.

“It was nice to see that a lot of different aspects could come together and really make a person feel whole in themselves.”


Brittany – Colorado Springs, CO

Brittany - Colorado Springs, CO

Brittany, a single mother in Colorado Springs, shares her story of receiving treatment for free through the aid of a local organization. After giving birth five years ago, Brittany developed a painful hernia that she was unable to have treated. The necessary medical procedure was too expensive for her to afford, but Brittany’s clinic helped her get the operation so she could continue to provide for her family.

“I would always worry what if something happens to me, what’s going to happen with my kids…  Life is a lot more peaceful.”


Theresia – Colorado Springs, CO

Theresia, previously gainfully employed, shares her story about losing her job and the affect it had on managing her chronic health issues. She describes needing assistance and the impact of a safety net clinic.

“I’ve just kind of learned to be honest, say that there was a need and hold my head up high because I didn’t do anything to cause this to happen and it’s been a very humbling experience.  I’m used to giving, not receiving.”


Marjorie – Colorado Springs, CO

Marjorie is a mother living in Colorado Springs who describes her experience navigating the independent health insurance system to ensure her preventative procedures were covered.

“I could have called in [to the grievance panel review] but I think sometimes it’s a lot harder to say no…to someone to their face.”


Michael – El Paso County

Michael, a resident of El Paso county, speaks about seeking and receiving treatment for his escalating poor mental health condition.

“The majority of the time you don’t want to ask for help, you don’t want them to know what’s going on.  You’re scared to ask for help.  But that’s the first step; you have to ask for help.”


Nigel – Colorado Springs, CO

Nigel speaks about a clinic in El Paso county that went beyond normal expectations to provide considerate and quality care for his brother, a large man who struggled with receiving care due to fear of judgment and unaccommodating providers.

“The respect and compassion that the clinic showed a huge man, I mean he was a mountain of a man.  He barely fit through doors; you know he barely fit in cars.  But the clinic accommodated all of that.  I will never forget what they did.”


Rafael – Colorado Springs, CO

Rafael, a Colorado Springs resident and Army veteran, was shot while he was in his home and ended up receiving quality emergency care while he was uninsured.

“I think health care should work for the people.  Not for the organizations or the companies.”


John – Colorado Springs, CO

John, a resident of Colorado Springs for nearly a decade, shares his experience overcoming a traumatic personal experience and mental health issues with the support of a counselor at a local clinic.

“Overnight it was all different.  Every area [the clinic] has taken care of.  You know, I’ve had several dental problems and they’ve gotten me in and taken care of it.  My depression and anxiety problems, you know, they just keep solid with me, they don’t give up or whatever.”


Joan – Colorado Springs, CO

Joan, of Colorado Springs, CO, volunteers at a dental clinic and shares her experience supporting individuals with and without dental insurance. She also describes how invaluable dental care is, particularly for people looking for employment.

“The dental needs that I see here in this city are humongous and there’s no good answer, there’s no real solutions for it…”


Jill – Colorado Springs, CO

Jill moved to Colorado Springs from New Jersey in order to restart her life and access proper medical support. With expensive prescription medication for her chronic disease, she needed help.

“People should be able to have a physical and not worry about paying for the doctor.”


Mary – Colorado Springs, CO

Mary, a parent and grandmother living in Colorado Springs, discusses her struggle to live with the tragic loss of her daughter and debilitating depression.

“Once you start going into the counseling everything turns around…people may think you’re crazy ‘cuz you go to a psychiatrist or to a counselor but I say that all you are doing is trying to help yourself be a better person.”


Elizabeth – Colorado Springs, CO

Elizabeth, a student in Colorado Springs, shares her story about struggling with a chronic disease and affording the care and medication needed to live.

“All of these bills every three months are just piling up and so my parents actually had to go bankrupt over medical stuff.”


Dan – Colorado Springs, CO

Dan, of Colorado Springs, CO discusses his personal struggle dealing with a serious health condition while having no insurance, living on limited financial means, and having difficulty locating a health care provider that could accommodate him.

“People need to get a lot more education in health care and realize this stuff is important.  They’re telling you the truth and you better pay attention because luckily I had a second chance but some people don’t get that luxury.”