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Katie – Lamar, CO

Katie - Lamar, COKatie, of Lamar, shares her health story. After her husband’s passing, she struggled with grief, depression, and substance abuse. Fortunately, Katie now has an excellent relationship with her therapist and is doing much better.

“I got connected with my therapist, my substance abuse therapist, through my domestic violence therapist and my doctor… We’ve talked over some stuff I’ve never told anybody.”


Cindy – Huerfano County, CO

Cindy shares her story about her family and their commitment to health and wellness. As a nutritionist, Cindy tries to help other people take responsibility for their own health and engage in strong preventative behaviors.

“My family, we take really good care of ourselves. We eat well, we all get exercise… We do a lot of preventative health and wellness.”


Donna – Rocky Ford, CO

Donna, of Rocky Ford, CO, shares her story of her husband’s head injury.  She talks about how difficult it was to put him in an assisted living home, and about the importance of patient knowledge.  She recognizes that in the current health care system, good doctors are over worked and it is often up to the patient to ensure proper care is being provided.

“I noticed his personality starting to change.  He’s a big man, very loving, very tender.  All of the sudden he started being angry and I became fearful of him, which I had never been before.”


Terry -Rocky Ford, CO

Terry, of Rocky Ford, CO, is the business manager for her husband’s private practice.  He is a nurse practitioner, and her story describes their small town patient population.

“There are people, groups of people, or groups of families that share one car, one driver.  Those people will call us and say, “well I can’t come to my appointment today because the person who was going to drive me has to work.”  That was a surprise to me that even as small as our town is, there is real limited mobility among people.”

Richard and Bette Faith

Richard and Bette Faith – Rocky Ford, CO

Richard and Bette Faith, residents of Rocky Ford, CO, share their story of Bette’s COPD and their gratitude for Tricare and Medicare assistance.

“We’ve been married 26 years and been through a lot of health problems together over those 26 years.”

Ken and Charlette

Ken and Charlette – Rocky Ford, CO

Ken and Charlette, residents of Rocky Ford, CO, share their stories of health care access and navigating the current system.

“I tell you what really irritates me, if we get a divorce, she could get Medicaid.  But we can’t get no help because we make just a few dollars too much.  So what do we do?  Do we get a divorce so she can get more help?  That’s a sad situation, and a lot of people do it.”


Jacque – Rocky Ford, CO

Jacque of La Junta, CO shares her health story.  She describes her experience with multiple sclerosis; the diagnostic process, living with disease, and applying for disability.

“I’m not defined by my disease; I’m defined by what I can do.”


Lisa – Rocky Ford, CO

Lisa, a resident of La Junta, CO, tells her and her daughter’s health stories.  She describes her battle with chronic disease, her daughter’s personal transformation, and their relationship with their provider.

“A lot of the health care I’ve just relied on what I can get here in the clinic and I’m really happy with my provider now.  I think he’s great, and personable.  I’ve had doctors before that don’t want to talk to you, don’t want to explain anything to you.  I mean, he will explain anything, anything, I need to talk about.”

John and Gerry

John and Gerry – Rocky Ford, CO

John and Gerry, father-son residents of Rocky Ford, CO, share their family’s struggles with mental health.  They speak about trust issues with providers and the importance of first impressions and second chances with mental health patients.

“When you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor you don’t want to tell them.  It could be something critical and you’re afraid to even talk to them because you think you’re going to get judged.”