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Debbie Higgs

My name is Debbie, and I am a yoga practitioner and teacher. I maintain a healthy lifestyle that focuses on clean eating, exploring the outdoors, and yoga. Most would assume from all physical appearances that I am a healthy woman in her mid-twenties, but I have a hidden disability.


Angie and Tony

Angie and Tony – Alamosa, CO

Angie and Tony - Alamosa, COAngie and Tony, of Alamosa, share their inspiring health story. After being told her cholesterol levels were too high, Angie put herself and Tony on a strict diet and started the “couch to 5K” program. Within a few months they had each lost significant weight and were training for a half marathon.

“This has actually helped our relationship too. Losing weight and some of the stress that you get involved in as far as life is concerned … and working through a relationship. Having something to do together really does help.”


Logan – Rio Grande County, CO

Logan - Rio GrandeLogan shares his health story. Growing up, he struggled in gym class hated physical activity, especially running. While on his wellness adventure training for a marathon, Logan needed to return home and prove to himself that he wasn’t that unhealthy kid anymore.

“So the weight when I guess I was at my heaviest was about 230 [lbs], and right now I’m about 145 [lbs] and that’s mainly due to … running.”


Katie – Lamar, CO

Katie - Lamar, COKatie, of Lamar, shares her health story. After her husband’s passing, she struggled with grief, depression, and substance abuse. Fortunately, Katie now has an excellent relationship with her therapist and is doing much better.

“I got connected with my therapist, my substance abuse therapist, through my domestic violence therapist and my doctor… We’ve talked over some stuff I’ve never told anybody.”

Carolyn and William

Carolyn & William – Chaffee County

Carolyn_William_SqaureCarolyn, a resident of Chaffee County, was in need of finding a provider that could help rehabilitate her body.   She is referred to William, a massage therapist in Chaffee County, and not only does she begin to regain physical mobility but she experiences personal growth.

William: “One day Carolyn said to me, ‘William, why do you work so hard on me?’…and I said, ‘Carolyn, I believe in you!’ And she came back with the zinger…
Carolyn: “My response was, ‘Well, you’re making me start to believe in myself.”


Sandie – Ft. Collins, CO

Sandie - Fort Collins, CO

Sandie, of Fort Collins, shares her personal transformation story. After years of yo-yo dieting and unhealthy habits, Sandie was able to lose more than 50 lbs and get off both her cholesterol and blood pressure medication. With her employer’s support, a weight counselor, friends and family, and a trainer, Sandie is supported on her journey to wellness.

“It took me several years to decide that I wanted to really do something about my weight… I found the quick fix wasn’t ideal for me.”


Clint – Fort Collins, CO

Clint - Fort Collins, CO

Clint, a City of Fort Collins employee, shares his journey to a healthier lifestyle after being diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol in his twenties.

“Because, with me, you couldn’t have forced me to do it until I was ready…and for me it was really being scared.  It was like, I can’t believe in my 20s, I’m on blood pressure medication, and they’re saying stroke and heart attack in my 30s.  It scared me.”


Penny – Denver, CO

Penny, a lifelong Denverite, shares her personal transformation story. Over the past year she has lost 30 lbs, changed her mental outlook, and completed a Tough Mudder race. From self-control to self-esteem, Penny’s story is incredibly relatable and inspiring for young Colorado women.

“When they were asking us what our goals were, I said ‘I just want to feel healthy.’ Instead of saying … I want to lose 20 lbs, I said ‘I want to be eating better and I want to feel great.'”


Ben – Denver, CO

Ben shares his story about his involvement with Denver City Lax, which uses the sport of lacrosse as a means to emphasize the importance of education and health, and instill life goals in today’s youth. Ben and his dad started DCL five years ago, and never could have imagined the impact it would have on both the players, and the surrounding community.

“City Lax is really going to become a community organization…it’s not just the kids who need to get behind it, it’s everyone as a whole. That has probably been one of the biggest assets to our organization.”

Aleece and Carol

Aleece and Carol – Denver, CO

Aleece and her mother Carol own and run The Garden, a restaurant in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood, committed to providing healthy, local, affordable and sustainable foods. After a difficult and devastating family battle with cancer, Aleece went to natural chef school and now prepares a menu that has plenty of options for folks with restricted diets including vegan, gluten-free and raw choices. Aleece and her mother Carol believe that people must take personal responsibility for their own health, starting with the food they put in their bodies.

“One month after she got the terminal diagnosis was when my lightbulb went on and I saw a big bullseye on my forehead. I was like, you better do whatever you can do to minimize your risk of cancer. You better educate yourself, inform yourself of what’s going on, and take some responsibility for your own life.”


Maya – Aurora, CO

Maya, an Aurora resident living with diabetes, shares her story about a time in her life when she had to choose between insuring herself or insuring her children.

“My physician is asking me why I am not coming to the doctor’s.  And I’m telling her it’s because I don’t feel I can miss work.”


Jacque – Rocky Ford, CO

Jacque of La Junta, CO shares her health story.  She describes her experience with multiple sclerosis; the diagnostic process, living with disease, and applying for disability.

“I’m not defined by my disease; I’m defined by what I can do.”


Lisa – Rocky Ford, CO

Lisa, a resident of La Junta, CO, tells her and her daughter’s health stories.  She describes her battle with chronic disease, her daughter’s personal transformation, and their relationship with their provider.

“A lot of the health care I’ve just relied on what I can get here in the clinic and I’m really happy with my provider now.  I think he’s great, and personable.  I’ve had doctors before that don’t want to talk to you, don’t want to explain anything to you.  I mean, he will explain anything, anything, I need to talk about.”


Jeff – Summit County, CO

Jeff is a Summit County resident who shares his story of depression, self-medication, and recovery.  He acknowledges the great work of his doctor and appreciates all of the progress he has made in the past several years.

I feel like a really good person again because I was feeling worthless and my core values were just in the gutter.  Today I make good choices, I’ve gone year in and year out without any illegal drugs and I’ve had a healthy relationship for three years and I’ve never been in trouble with the law again.


Michelle – Summit County, CO

Michelle, a public health nurse in Summit County, talks about education and prevention in health care.  She tells the story of a woman who died of cancer because she never had a pap smear, despite having several children.

“The general rule of a public health nurse, you act as a nurse but your patient is the whole community, the health of the community.”


Carlos – Summit County, CO

Carlos, a Summit County resident, talks about breaking his neck while playing high school football. He speaks about his subsequent care and rehabilitation.

“I would just be dreaming about running.  In my dream I would just freeze, then I would realize I was waking up because I’m paralyzed.”

John and Gerry

John and Gerry – Rocky Ford, CO

John and Gerry, father-son residents of Rocky Ford, CO, share their family’s struggles with mental health.  They speak about trust issues with providers and the importance of first impressions and second chances with mental health patients.

“When you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor you don’t want to tell them.  It could be something critical and you’re afraid to even talk to them because you think you’re going to get judged.”


Manley – Denver, CO

Manley is a Denver resident who taught in Aurora Public Schools for over 15 years. After implementing lifestyle changes recommended by his doctor, he lost over 50 pounds. He talks about this journey and his desire to help others achieve similar results.

” Ten years ago, I weighed 50lbs more than I do now, and my blood pressure was very high and so was my cholesterol level and I wasn’t leading the greatest of lifestyles.”