Social Determinants of Health

This page features stories connecting health care issues to larger issues of poverty, education, crime, and other social and economic factors. Listen to these stories, visit our Featured Stories page, or search for stories by topic or by location.


John – Durango, CO

John - Durango, CO

John, a medical student in Denver, CO who did his rural rotation in Durango, shares his story about how developed a passion for medicine. He talks about his time volunteering in the Chiapas region in Mexico, and the similar struggles of chronic disease and poor access to care amongst citizens in the United States.

“There’s a big discussion about safety net clinics and safety net health care systems and the people who are making decisions are so detached from the reality on the ground, in terms of health care, that they’re more likely to do away with them.”


Bebe – Littleton, CO

Bebe, who works in Littleton, CO shares her health story. She talks about her role as the Executive Director of Doctors Care and the impacts of safety net clinics in Colorado.

“The safety net, as we continue on, is going to be the better guide.  It is not going to change the fact that there are sick people and well people, but when you add that [existing barriers connecting to poverty] all together the safety net is prepared to be the better guide…”


Ben – Denver, CO

Ben shares his story about his involvement with Denver City Lax, which uses the sport of lacrosse as a means to emphasize the importance of education and health, and instill life goals in today’s youth. Ben and his dad started DCL five years ago, and never could have imagined the impact it would have on both the players, and the surrounding community.

“City Lax is really going to become a community organization…it’s not just the kids who need to get behind it, it’s everyone as a whole. That has probably been one of the biggest assets to our organization.”