Complex Health Conditions

Coloradans struggle with both preventable health challenges and long term chronic conditions, like heart disease, diabetes, cancer, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis and others. Individuals and families with complex health conditions have an increased number of interactions with the health care system, which also increases the barriers to care and the need for trusting patient provider relationships.

Karen and Benjamin – Denver, CO

Karen shares her story about her son Benjamin, who is hearing and visually impaired. She describes their experience with numerous providers, trying to diagnose Benjamin’s issues. Throughout all of it, Karen and her family have stayed extremely positive and built many meaningful relationships within the medical community.

“Some of our relationship with some of our doctors…well it’s almost like a marriage. You have your moments, you just love them so much, and other moments your not sure about this.”

Listen to other stories of Coloradans’ experiences with complex health conditions:

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