Coverage and Access to Care

Over a million Coloradans are uninsured or underinsured. Even for Coloradans with health insurance, access to care is limited. The lack of primary care providers, coupled with high uninsurance rates, results in more visits to the hospital Emergency Department. Many Coloradans face challenges when they need care after normal office hours or cannot secure a doctor’s appointment as soon as it is needed.

Angela – Chaffee County

AngelaAngela, a young woman living in Salida, had been experiencing a number of chronic symptoms including pain and nausea for a long period of time but was unable to access appropriate care because of lack of insurance and affordability. Due to recent changes in eligibility she was able to enroll in Colorado’s Adults without Dependent Children Medicaid Program, connect to a primary care provider and see a specialist who was ultimately able to make an accurate diagnosis.

“I would go in and out of the hospitals…and it would just be like take an ibuprofen, this will pass it’s just migraines, you know, nothing’s wrong. And after a while I began to believe it, maybe I was just making things up or they were right.”

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