Health Disparities

Health disparities, especially among racial and ethnic minorities, are nothing new, and many Coloradans have experienced them. Not only are racial and ethnic minorities less likely than the general population to have insurance and access to health care, they also suffer worse health outcomes in areas including life expectancy, infant mortality, rates of chronic disease and self-reported health status.

Angela – Littleton, CO

AngelaC - Littleton, COAngela, of Littleton, shares her health experience. With a family history of breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer, Angela has always been very good about her women’s wellness visits. She tells her story about an abnormal test result and the emotional journey that followed.

“The moment was like a slap in the face. Because I knew that I had taken every preventable measure possible. I felt like my gut was being pulled in many different directions.”

Listen to other stories of Coloradans’ experiences with health disparities:

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