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Despite Colorado’s reputation for healthy lifestyles, we are not exempt from the obesity epidemic, as our obesity rate has more than doubled since 1995. Coloradans that are obese experience a poorer quality of life than their normal weight counterparts. While many Coloradans have experienced this first hand, many are also taking back their lives and undergoing personal transformations to be healthier.

Lisa – Rocky Ford, CO

Lisa, a resident of La Junta, CO, tells her and her daughter’s health stories. She describes her battle with chronic disease, her daughter’s personal transformation, and their relationship with their provider.

“A lot of the health care I’ve just relied on what I can get here in the clinic and I’m really happy with my provider now. I think he’s great, and personable. I’ve had doctors before that don’t want to talk to you, don’t want to explain anything to you. I mean, he will explain anything, anything, I need to talk about.”

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