Navigating the Health Care System

To get care, some Coloradans must interface with different billing systems, endure long waiting lists, and may bounce from system to system. Many residents see several providers who are located at different offices, sometimes even in different parts of the state. These barriers can be difficult to overcome and often lead to a frustrated patient wondering if the care they receive is worth the headache.

Tesfahunega – Aurora, CO

Tesfahunega, an Aurora resident and member of the Ethiopian community describes his battle with congestive heart failure and no insurance. He claims he uses the Emergency Room to seek treatment feels hurt by the lack of empathy amongst health care workers.

“And nobody cares, the way I see it they don’t care. They see me going back and forth to the emergency room and should get me my insurance card. They know I’m in trouble; its just there is nothing I can do. But there is a lot they can do.”

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